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Calgary Coin Gallery, run by Robert Kokotailo, offers a wide selection Canadian coins and paper money as well as ancient, medieval and modern coins from around the world.


The store is now open, but with reduced days an hours and a few requirement. I will now open Wednesday to Friday, 12 to 5, Saturday 12 to 4. Sometimes I will to make arrangements for private appointments at other times specifically for people looking to sell larger collections.

With no way to sterilize my stock boxes and inventory between clients I now require anyone who wants to look through them to wear a mask (you need to bring your own) and gloves (which I will provide).

The website is also open for business and I am shipping coins nearly every day. I have no finish my update for all Canadian coin denominations and am about to start on my Newfoundland and Maritime coins, which will take a while as I have a lot of those coins. The most recent updates have been to:

Canadian 1 and 2 dollars

World coins, A to Z

Canadian 50 cents
Canadian 25 cents
Canadian 10 cents
Canadian 5 cent
Canadian 1 cents

Canada Post delivery speed is currently not predictable. Some packages get through quickly but I have had packages that usually take about 5 days take several weeks. I usually mail packages up to $200 by regular mail but if you are in a hurry for the package priority or express post will be more expensive but a better option. Package mailed to the USA via DYK post seem to be getting through without delay.

calgary coin shop

1404 Centre Street SE
Calgary, AB.

Just south of the Calgary Tower

Map and contact


(403) 266-5262


Wednesday to Friday: 12 to 5

Saturday: 12 to 4.

Closed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Holidays.

I am willing to make appointments outside of those hours for people looking to sell larger groups of coins that take more time. You can phone and we can try to set one up.

I buy all types of gold and silver coins and bars but reserve the right to limit quantities of bullion I will purchase at any one time. For large quantities please call ahead. I sometimes buy scrap gold jewelry if time permits but the time consuming process of assessing the jewelry and filing the required police reports means I can only do so if the store is not busy. I purchase larger silver items such as flatware sets, but not silver jewelry. I do not buy or sell any type of silver or gold bullion through the mail.

I keep only limited cash on hand so for transactions over a few hundred dollars I will have to pay by cheque. I am licensed in the City of Calgary and follow the city bylaws requiring me to file a police report on all purchases, which require the seller to provide two pieces of identification, one of which must be a government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc), with the other something official but need not have a photo (heath care, credit card, etc). You must also provide proof of your address which may be on one of the ID's, but could be a piece of mail addressed to you, and you will be required to sign the report prior to payment being made. If you cannot provide the required ID, or are unwilling to sign the report, I cannot buy your items.

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These Kitco gold and silver charts are in Canadian dollars showing the New York spot metals converted at official exchange rates, updated throughout the day when the New York markets are open.

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