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A brief Biography


Robert at coin show

My quest for ancient and medieval coins began longer ago than even I care to remember. It was in 1968 when, at the age of 13, I attended a local coin auction and bought two Roman coins along with an introductory book about them. Fortunately I was the only one in the room willing to bid on the lot which allowed my meager budget of about $8.00 to acquire them. That $8.00 set me on the path I am now on, and I still have both the book and one of the two coins.

The next few years were very frustrating as Western Canada was not a hot bed of ancient coins and I was forced to search further abroad for more sources. Over time I found sources and like many collectors acquired many duplicates and surplus items which I started to sell as a vest pocket dealer on a very small scale. Things gradually build up and I started buying coins specifically for re-sale, and in 1986 started R.D.K. ANCIENT COINS as a part time store, as I was then also working as a geologist in the oil patch.

In 1989 I took in Tom Preston as a business partner and the name was changed to Calgary Coin Gallery. This allowed an expansion into a wider variety of coins including Canadian, US and modern World coins and although Tom has now retired and I run the business by myself, Calgary Coin Gallery still deals in all aspects of numismatics, although my first love is still ancient and medieval coinage.

Member of:

CNA - Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (Life member 433)
ANA - American Numismatic Association (br-3150774)
CAND - Canadian Association of Numismatic dealers
CNS - Calgary Numismatic Society

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