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Reference Information

The following reference works and articles on ancient, medieval and modern coins, including a reference listings of all periods of Chinese cast coins, information on spotting fake ancient coins, grading and judging the relative quality of ancient coins, and other things that I have time to work on, are all written by Robert Kokotailo, owner of Calgary Coin Gallery. As time permits I will be adding more to this section.

Ancient coin grading and quality

Ancient Coins - Fakes, Forgeries and Counterfeits

Koson Staters - Mystery solved (?)

Celtic Ring Money (or not)

Portraits of the Romans

Roman Serrated Denarii

Unusual M. Antony Fouree denarius

Anatomy of a Roman Coin

Politics of Aging Portraits

Were ancient coins struck hot or cold

A listing of Chinese cast coins

Some Judean coin types.

Ancient Mythology on Coins

Reading Russian Peter the Great wire money

Shell Canada Floral Medallions

Forvm Award for Numismatic Excellence

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