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I understand placing orders on this site is slightly difficult because I have not been able to find a click and order shopping cart that allows me to include both a list of my coins and my extensive information about the coins. One can do one or the other, but not both. Placing an order is not difficult with two ways to approach it. The first is to open my

You will find a text box in which to listing coins the you wish to purchase. The form opens in a new browser window allowing you to have both it and any other page on my website open at the same time. You can then copy and paste any of my coin listings directly into the order form, but please add a denomination heading for each denomination to make things clear for me. You can also use notepad (if your computer has it) to build your list in the same way, than cut and paste that into my order form. You will find this fairly easy once you get used to it.

If this is your first order and you wish to pay with a credit card, or have previously ordered but not requested I keep your payment information on file, it is best to send your shipping and payment information via my secure order form.

If you are placing an order which does not include sensitive information (such as credit card information), you can send a list of the coins by regular e-mail to order@calgarycoin.com, using the same cut and paste method above to build a list in your e-mail. This is the easiest way to order if I already have your information on file. Please do not send credit card information in a regular e-mail as it is not secure.

I will not have your payment information on file unless you have previously specifically requested I do so, as I always delete all traces of it from my system after filling an order, and will not have recorded it unless you made that specific request of me. Any payment information I store for people is kept in secure passworded files.


1) All coins are guaranteed to be genuine and as described.

2) Any item may be returned for any reason within 14 days from the date you receive it, as long as it is in the same condition as when I sent it. No reason for returning an item need be given but would be appreciated. Please contact me before returning an item, and I will advise you on the best shipping method to use.

3) All coins are priced in Canadian dollars. If payment is to be made directly in US dollars, I will adjust the total accordingly to current exchange rates. For clients in the USA using a US dollar credit card, I can charge your card directly in the US funds total avoid exchange rate differentials for you, but if your credit card provider charges a foreign transaction fee that might happen. Some banks do and others do not, but I have no control over it.

4) For orders over $300.00 I provide free shipping worldwide, and will determine the best shipping method plus assume all risks of loss in the mail. For orders under $300.00 postage is $14.00 for non-Canadian addresses and $10.00 for Canadian addresses where I assume all risks in the mail, and will choose the best shipping method which will usually be express post or registered mail with tracking. For orders under $100.00 you have the option of selecting regular mail at $2.50 but at your risk for loss in the mail.

5) For orders shipped to Canadian addresses sales tax will be added at the appropriate rate. 5% GST will be added when I ship to any GST/PST province. HST will be added to the final invoice when I ship to an HST province, at the following rates - 15% in Nova Scotia, 13% in NFLD, Ontario, New Brunswick, 14% in Prince Edward Island. I do not charge any taxes on orders shipped out of Canada, but you are responsible for any import fees applied by your country (usually none to the USA).

6) It is impossible on a website like this to remove all sold items as I sell them, so occasionally items might no longer be available. When this happens, I will contact you before processing your order.

Should it prove necessary to contact me other than by e-mail, please refer to my contact page via the links in the upper left.

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