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The Apollo Program

Apollo 9

Apollo 9 patch
J.R. McDivitt, commander
D.R. Scott, CM pilot
R.L. Schweikart, LM pilot
Launched 03 March 1969

Apollo 9 was launched with a command module (CM), a command service module (CSM), a lunar module (LM), and an instrument unit (IU). They remained in Earth orbit and the crew separated the CM and LM and performed some maneuvers, including docking.

Space is our Future!
The Apollo 9 Prime Crew Photo by Nasa

PHOTO: The Apollo 9 Prime Crew Portrait of the Apollo 9 prime crew in their space suits. From left to right they are: Commander, James A. McDivitt, Command Module pilot, David R. Scott, and Lunar Module pilot, Russell L. Schweickart. The Apollo 9 mission was designed to test the Apollo Command/Service and Lunar Modules in Earth orbit. The purpose was to verify that the Command/Service Module (CSM) could successfully dock with the Lunar Module (LM). The mission was also to test the LM systems in a "free flying" attitude to ensure that it performed as per specifications.