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The Space Program

Nasa vector patch

Oh how I love the space program! The period in time beginning with the formation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958, and the start of the Mercury Program, up to the latest Shuttle mission, has been an exciting time for me. I've seen Nasa launch their first rockets and then put a man into space. I watched the TV and could hardly contain my excitement when Armstrong walked on the moon. I waited impatiently through the time of no lauches and I kept my fingers crossed when Young and Crippen took Columbia up for the first time in 1981. It broke my heart when Challenger exploded; it broke my spirit too and I stopped paying attention for awhile. But eventually I started paying attention again and now the world has a space station and we dream of putting men on Mars by 2015. There are exciting times ahead too!!

Our Solar System
Photo by NASA

PHOTO: Our Solar System An artists painting of our solar system.

Space is our Future!