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When I was about 3 years old, I looked up into the night sky, pointed, and said; "Daddy, what are all those little lights in the sky?" He very carefully explained to me they were suns, some just like our own sun, and some much, much bigger. He showed me a quarter, and how small it looked when he held it far, far away from me. He pointed to the moon and told me it was very big and it went around the earth and the earth was much much bigger than the moon but not as big as the sun. He went on in great detail, trying to find simple terms that I would understand. And I did. I asked if there were other planets around those other suns. "Probably," he said. "Are there other people on them?" "I don't know dear." And I made a leap of faith and told him there were other people and someday I'd like to meet them! Thus began my lifelong fascination with space. This site is all about that fascination, from Science Fiction, through the Apollo Program till today's Shuttle Program.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Nanda and Bill Hall for giving me permission to use some of their images off their site, Nanda's Space and Beyond. That site no longer exists and it will be missed.

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