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The Apollo Program

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 patch
James A. Lovell, commander
John L. Swigert, Jr., command module pilot
Fred W. Haise, Jr., lunar module pilot

Launched: 11 April 1970
An explosion canceled the lunar landing
Returned to Earth: 17 April 1970

This should have been the third Moon landing, however an explosion of one of the oxygen tanks and damage to some of the systems forced NASA to abort the landing. They returned safely.

Space is our Future!
The Actual Apollo 13 Prime Crew Photo by Nasa

PHOTO: The Actual Apollo 13 Prime Crew The actual Apollo 13 lunar landing mission prime crew from left to right are: Commander, James A. Lovell Jr., Command Module pilot, John L. Swigert Jr. and Lunar Module pilot, Fred W. Haise Jr. The original Command Module pilot for this mission was Thomas "Ken" Mattingly Jr. but due to exposure to German measles he was replaced by his backup, Command Module pilot, John L. "Jack" Swigert Jr.