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The Apollo Program

Skylab 3

Skylab 3 patch
Gerald P. Carr
William R. Pogue
Edward C. Gibson

Launched: November 16, 1973
Returned: February 8, 1974
Duration: 84 days, 1 hour,
15 minutes and 31 seconds
Orbits: 1,214

Skylab 3 holds the record for the longest American space flight. During their almost three months in orbit, the crew walked treadmills and rode an on-board stationary bicycle, and came home in far better condition than had the previous Skylab crews. The astronauts took 4 space walks, one on Christmas Day to observe the comet Kohoutek.

Skylab 3 crew photo Photo by Nasa

PHOTO: Skylab 3 crew photo These three men are the prime crewmen for the Skylab 3 mission. Pictured in their flight suits with a globe and a model of the Skylab space station are, left to right, Astronaut Gerald P. Carr, commander; Scientist-Astronaut Edward G. Gibson, science pilot; and Astronaut William R. Pogue, pilot.

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