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The Apollo Program

Skylab 1

Skylab 1 patch
Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.
Paul J. Weitz
Joseph P. Kerwin

Launched: May 25, 1973
Returned: June 21, 1973
Duration: 672 hours, 49 minutes, 49 seconds
Orbits: 404

Skylab was damaged during its launch, one of the two solar panels was missing and the other was badly damaged and would not deploy. Skylab was also too hot to inhabit. This crew first deployed a sunshield, a "parasol" made out of foil, to cool the station down. Then they repaired and deployed the damaged solar panel. Skylab was in business.

Skylab 1 prime crew Photo by Nasa

PHOTO: Skylab 1 prime crew These three astronauts were named as the prime crew of the first manned Skylab mission. They are, left to right, Joseph P. Kerwin, science pilot; Charles Conrad Jr., commander; and Paul J. Weitz, pilot. Note the model of the Skylab space vehicle on the table between the astronauts.

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