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Informative Coin Links

Roman Coins

The Wildwinds DataBank of Ancient Coins

An extensive illustrated listing of ancient Roman coins gleaned from on line auctions. This can be a valuable research tool.

Illustrated History of The Roman Empire
A very informative & illustrated look at the Roman Empire.

Early Church Fathers

English language translations of the writings of the early fathers of the Christian Church. A wealth of information on the Roman world.


Roman stuff. Includes an atlas, several Latin texts, large chunks of Ptolemy, all of Codrington's Roman Roads, and tons of other stuff.


Jim Shaffer's site with an almost complete listing of the silver Antoninianii of Philip I.


Michael Mihalka's site about the coinage of Gordian III, plus other aspects of ancient Roman coins.

The Museum of Countermarks on Roman Coins

Examples from the Richard Baker Collection of Roman Countermarks.

A virtual tour of Rome.

A virtual tour of Rome.

Roman coin Gallery.

Much information on Roman coins an dsome types of related artifacts.

Identifying late Roman bronze coins.

I useful site when learning to identify late Roman bronze coins.

Asia Minor Coins.

An online index of ancient Greek and Roman coins of Asia Minor.

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