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Informative Coin Links

Greek Coins

By Chris Hopkins. An On-line Parthia, it's history and coinage.

Perseus Project
The ultimate resource on the Archaic and Classical Greek world.

Hooker and Perron

Coriosolite coin expert system, other interesting things about ancient coins (especially Celtic), and PAN MAGAZINE. Be sure to check out their Celtic Coin Index and the Celtic Improvisations.

Coins of Magna Graecia
A very good site devoted to the ancient Greek coins of South Italy.

Byzantine Coins
An interesting site devoted to the study of the coinage of the Byzantine Empire.

A selection of coins and information about the ancient Greek Seleucid Kingdom.

Coinage of Apollonia and Dyrrhachium
By Gyula Petrányi. A very useful site for those researching the coins of these issues.


A rather interesting website about the Gorgon head coins issued from the Greek city of Parion in Western Turkey.

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