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      Juno was sister and consort of Jupiter, mother of Mars, and one of the most important of the Roman goddesses.She had many duties, each with an associated title, but for most she was a protector of the Roman people and especially women, being the goddess of marriage, fertility and all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

      Many temples were devoted to her, including the "Capitoline Vetus" (on the Capitoline Hill in Rome) which she shared with Jupiter and Minerva to form the Capitoline Triad.

      On coins she can be seen in may forms. The most common show her as Juno Lucina, with a child in her arms and two more at her feet, or Juno Regina in which case she is associated with the scepter, patera, veil and peacock.

      *From her title "Juno Moneta" we get the word "money" only because the Rome mint was built close to one of her temples. She was given that title long before the first Roman coin was struck and it is possible many of the coins showing her with this title may be referring to her as the goddess of marriage, not the goddess of money.

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